Youth: this is for you

This is going to be brief. I hope that each reader will take it as something addressed to him or her personally, and encourage them to search for what is truly important. 

There is so much going on in this world. The hours, days, weeks and years pass, scandal from left to right, and often, in the depths of the soul, there is an emptiness that sometimes makes you think that you are alone, and you ask yourself: Why am I alive? What am I doing here? What was I born for? 

Suddenly life comes to a stop, when it is time to make a radical decision that comes only by the infinite Mercy of God. That SACRED moment in which you personally meet the One who has always loved you, Jesus. And little by little He leads you to unite yourself more and more to Himself, after so many years that you may have lived in filth. The only thing He wants is to love you, to embrace you and tell you: "I love you, truly I love you." This Love is so great that suddenly you begin to experience new things that surprise you, because it is He who makes all things new.

Up to now, almost everything I have mentioned is a small example of all that Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have done in my life. 

Today's youth seek affective compensations, they seek to be loved, and these are some of the reasons why so many young people take refuge in so many vices such as pornography, uncontrolled alcohol, pretending to be someone they’re not, and so many other things.

When we see all this, we must stop for a moment and ask the Lord: "What can I do, what do you want from me?" And the Lord in the depths of our heart will answer us: I want you to love me totally, with your whole being, I want you to be holy, to leave in my heart all the past. 

This is the reason for our life: to love Him alone, at every moment. But how can this be done? He answers us again: "Behold your Mother." Mary’s motherly love is so essential for us to be able to love Him; it is She who little by little will form us, correct us, teach us how. Therefore, you must ask yourself: “When can I begin?” And again, with great love, the Lord will answer you: “right now.” From now on I must leave my heart open to Him and tell Him: “here I am Lord, to let myself be loved by You in the maternal love of Your Mother, my Mother too, so that together we can begin and finish this path of holiness for the glory of God, Our loving Father, who has always loved us and looked at us with tenderness, because there is no Father like God, who holds us in His heart permanently and who, with ineffable longing, awaits us in Heaven to love Him for all eternity.”

If you, who are reading this, have said yes to the Lord to begin this beautiful path of holiness, I encourage you to go to confession as soon as possible and to do so frequently from now on, to go to Holy Mass every Sunday with love and for love of Him, to ask the Lord: “where do You want to sanctify me?” Since we cannot reach Heaven alone, we all need a companion, a spiritual director, so that the Lord Himself may speak to us and show us his holy Will, from the smallest to the greatest things. Until the moment arrives when, together with Our Mother, with the company of all our brothers, the saints of all times and the angels, we can perfectly unite ourselves to Jesus Christ, our greatest Love, in the heart of God Our Father and glorify Him with joy for all eternity in Heaven. 

Courage, fellow youth! They truly love us and are waiting for us.

- Virginia Cabrera, Ecuador