Will: an abstract idea

I am more and more convinced that we are a generation in which our will and many other things are affected to the extent that we do not know how to use them, whether they exist or if they should be used. We are the "Softie Generation."

When I first heard this I naturally objected, not knowing very well what it meant, although I perceived something of what it implied. "Why?", "We're not all like that", "It's not true", were some of my responses, intending to be right, of course. "Just examine your daily actions carefully," was the simple answer my denial received. I had no idea that it would be engraved in my heart.

It’s true, we are a generation that looks for the fastest, easiest and what we understand or control. In short, we want everything to go at our pace. But when this doesn’t happen, we rely firmly on excuses, because we’ll always have their support and with them we will never look bad.

If when deciding, giving your word, or setting goals, you doubt that you can fulfill them, your WILL is not firm and is being attacked by your own fears. These fears may never even happen and merely come from an imaginary world of possibilities.

On the other hand, it is by no means the case that you stop deciding for fear of committing yourself to do things, because then you will be hurting yourself, denying yourself the possibility of doing great things.

Want to exercise your will? Then have penance as your friend or the mortifications of everyday life as your sister. May your heart not always be inclined to its whims. If you agreed to help your mom and now you are tired, do it anyway! Help her. If you need to study and want to listen to music at the same time, deny yourself that desire for at least an hour.

Above all, be patient with yourself, because we come from a world where we want to see quick results. Little by little you will see that denying yourself helped you do what you have do when you have to. It will also help you not be carried away by desires or feelings that may drive you.

- Ana Belén Parrales