Your imagination is the ability or disposition to mentally reproduce, combine, and create images or ideas.  It helps your creativity to grow and allows you to visualize ideas or ideals. 

Our imagination can be our great ally because it helps us come up with ideas that we can follow through with.  Without it, we would live stagnantly, without being able to advance.  It helps us create new projects and come up with the best way of achieving them.  It’s the salt of life. 

On the other hand, we have to be careful, because our imagination capable of distorting reality and lead us to believe something to be true even when it’s not.  St. Teresa of Avila used to call it “the crazy one of the house,” when she warned her novices about the dangers the imagination runs when it’s not guided by reason. 

Ways to educate or train your imagination:
-    Be aware of the difference between reality and imagination.
-    Substitute negative or harmful thoughts with dreams and ideals that are healthy and positive.
-    Let your imagination run wild only at certain times, when you have specific and reasonable goals in mind, and when it won’t affect the fulfillment of your duties and tasks or your relationship with others.