Our feelings are the response of our emotions to a stimulus.  For example, we are pleased to have a friend come and visit us, but it displeases us to be with a person we consider to be boring.  Our feelings are reactions that are motivated by an exterior or interior cause.  They can last for a while or pass away quickly.

We don’t cause our feelings and we can’t avoid them either, but we can let ourselves be led by them or not.  We can also draw closer to or distance ourselves from their cause.  Most importantly, we can control our reaction to what we feel, and, based on that, our actions either become good or bad.

Let’s give an example: Suppose a close family member of yours passes away.  You can’t avoid feeling sad, but you can control your reaction.  Instead of sitting on the couch and crying all day, you can look for a way to help your other family members cope with the loss…

Ways to educate or train your feelings:       
-    Practice controlling your feelings so that they don’t control you.  
-    Cultivate your ability to react in a positive way in the face of important situations.    
-    Always fulfill your duties and obligations, whether you feel like it or not.
-    Get rid of the cause behind adverse feelings.  It’s not a matter of changing your feelings, but rather what causes them.