How the Faculties Work Together

Our faculties, intelligence and will, always work together:
-    Our intelligence allows us to discover a good (something good or something that appears to be good).
-    Our will moves us to search for and obtain the good that our intelligence has discovered. 

Our freedom allows us to decide whether our will “moves” to obtain the good that our intelligence has discovered or not.  Take note that our will, because it is free, can also decide to choose something contrary to what our intelligence holds to be good.  For example: have you ever drunk water without knowing for sure whether it was potable or not because you were dying of thirst?  Have you ever given up money (money that you originally wanted to use for something good) and instead given it to someone needy? 

To make things clear:

Imagine that while you’re walking on the street, you happen to see a really beautiful girl.  You observe for a moment and discover that she seems to be a nice and decent girl. 
Your intelligence discovers a good.

Upon discovering this girl as a possible good, you have the desire to get to know her better.
The will wants to obtain the good.

You doubt for a second, but in the end you decide to approach her and ask her if she’d like to get ice cream with you.
Freedom has decided to obtain the good.

Do you know which has been the most beautiful and important free act ever carried out by a human being?  The Virgin Mary’s “yes,” through which she freely accepted to be the Mother of Christ and so to collaborate in the salvation of all humanity.  Amazing, right?!  God has always respected the free will of the human person.  The Virgin Mary could have said “no” and refused to be the Mother of our Savior… and Jesus Christ would have never been born!!!