Spiritual sicknesses: Lukewarmness

Have you been slacking off or become bored in your spiritual life? Have you lost all enthusiasm to fight against your laziness, your moments of “I don’t feel like it right now”? Do you feel like you lack conviction, energy, and strength to do what you know you should do? Do you feel more impatient and not so charitable with other, and do you kind of feel like you just don’t care?

Well, my friend, you could very possibly be suffering from an acute case of “lukewarmness.”

Attention: “acute” would be defined here as: very serious or dangerous…. Aka, it requires serious and immediate attention.

A type of spiritual “lax”, not wanting to fight against laziness and boredom in your spiritual life, aka, not doing what is good, what you know you should do and doing it well. For example, prayer, mass, rosary, confession, sacrifices, acts of virtue…. and especially in the virtue of charity. It greatly damages your charity with others and leaves you with little enthusiasm to exercise this virtue.

1. Dryness in Spiritual life: For example, lack of enthusiasm, boredom in prayer, not “feeling like” going to confession, mass, praying the rosary. Feeling like you don’t love God as much as before, not as convicted as before. Difficulty in living united to God in what you do.

2. Lack of enthusiasm in everyday life: in your work, chores, and daily routine, forgetting to offer everything lovingly to God.

3. Not doing things well: ok, so maybe you still find time to go to prayer, mass, confession, say the rosary… but you don’t do it that well, you’re easily distracted or bored and you don’t make too much of an effort to change. Also, the same goes for everything you do throughout the day, make your bed, load the dishwasher, at work… you don’t do it well, try to cut corners to finish as soon as possible, and don’t put any supernatural meaning in what you do.

4. Lack of Charity: more impatient, others bother you more easily, more judgmental, less thoughtful towards others, and you can get to the point that it doesn’t cause your conscience too much remorse.

5. Subtle Aging: yes, my friends, if it reflects in our physical appearance when our hearts are filled with love and joy, it also reflects in our appearance when are soul is and indifferent and unfaithful. He who takes steps forward and then turns back like dog to his vomit extinguishes that youthful spark.

1. Negligence or unfaithfulness in the small things that God asks of you and that you know you should do. Making decisions knowing that I am not paying attention to the small things I need to be faithful in.
2. Refusal of sacrifices that God asks of you.

The cure to this sickness is and can only be through Gods grace and His divine mercy, and you should ask Our Lord for this grace constantly and fervently, asking it with a heart full of loving trust and hope.

Step 1: renew and deepen your prayer life. Make time for prayer and make the effort to spend that time well. It’s very important to read scripture, the bible, especially to read and meditate on the Passion.

Step 2: Your soul has to recognize its grave state and humble itself greatly before Our Lord, realizing that you need Him and without Him you can do nothing

Step 3: Don’t resign yourself to stay in a state of lukewarmness. It’s a temptation to think that it’s impossible to change. You do everything you can, making all the effort you can, and humbly and lovingly trust in God, because with Him all things are possible. It will be Him, not you, but you have to respond to everything He asks your collaboration in.

Step 4: Keep your enthusiasm up to keep fighting, don’t throw in the towel, trust completely in the power of His grace.

Step 5: desire for perfection and the firm resolution to do everything on your part to achieve it.

Step 6: Frequent communion and frequent confession. Make a daily examination of conscience.

Step 7: Stay extra extra extra close to Mary, Our Mother. Put your heart in her care. Remember that she is your Queen and your Mother. She wants to bring us to her Son, plus, she has all the power to do so. How are we going to put all our hope in her if we don’t believe in her power? Don’t hesitate to lovingly put all your trust in her and confide in her your entire heart. Give her thanks for always taking care of you and for being your Mom!

Throughout this curative process it’s good to remember that if I do not put the means to get out of this state I could fall into spiritual blindness and I will be guilty of the errors I commit because I didn’t make enough effort to get out of this state of lukewarmness. Also, if I don’t make the effort to change I will easily fall into mortal sins and lose my life of grace, that is, if I haven’t already lost it.

Renew your interior life and relationship with Our Lord and Our Lady, make the firm decision to start a new life of holiness and generosity, grow in charity in all ways possible, renew desire to fight in everything that depends on you, loving trust, joyful hope, humility, simplicity, faithfulness in your spiritual commitments, and sacraments.

Wondering how NOT to become lukewarm? Well, many times lukewarmess begins to appear in moments of spiritual strength and consolation, from the error of attributing this strength to your own efforts and merits. To prevent this is very important to constantly humble yourself before Our Lord, filling your heart with love and trust in Him, and recognizing that you need Him for everything and that without Him you can do nothing, And throughout the day your resolution to be generous in everything He asks of you and constantly rectifying your intention in everything you do, making sure your only intention is to do everything for love of God and to make Him happy.

The Lord Himself said: Because you are neither hot nor cold I am about to vomit you out of my mouth.
To be lukewarm is such a dangerous state because in the spiritual life there is no time to “relax”. Just like a boat rowing against the current to get to its destination…. If the owner of the boat stops rowing and decides to relax for a while, the boat will definitely not go forward, but neither will it stay where it’s at, it will automatically drift backwards. So if you see that you’re suffering from this sickness take action immediately. Don’t forget how much is at stake!

Our Lady, Health of the Sick: Pray for us!

A Saint is neither lukewarm nor mediocre. –JPII

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hna kelai

My name is Sister Kelai Maria, I am a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother since 2007. I was born in Arizona (USA) but have also lived in Oregon, Alaska, Florida, Spain, and Ireland. I am a convert to the Catholic faith and found my vocation shortly after my conversion. Every day I thank Jesus that I am His and that I am a Servant Sister. All of eternity will not be enough to thank Him for saving me and for how much He has loved and loves me!