The Slinky Syndrome

Have you ever played with a slinky when you were little… or maybe not so little?  Have you noticed how its usual tendency is to collapse in on itself? You can stretch it out; but as soon as you let it go it will always try to curl back up in its usual compact spiral stack. It has a force that always pulls it back towards itself….

Have you ever thought that this could have a great spiritual application? I bet you are already catching on to what it might be.

Well, let me help you develop that thought-process….


Do you suffer from the tendency to put yourself in the center of your thoughts, actions, conversations, etc.?  Do you tend to focus on yourself: I´m bored, I´m tired, I don´t want to, I don´t like this, I´m uncomfortable, I don´t feel like, I´d rather, I want… Do you prefer to talk about yourself in your conversations with others? If the conversation is centered on someone else do you lose interest? Do you usually find something in the conversation that has something to do with you? Do you put yourself in the center in your actions? Do you always look for the best for you, the most comfortable for you, the easiest for you, making sure you get your favorite seat, food, or whatever? Do you sometimes do these things without realizing it? Do you sometimes realize it but you don´t let your conscience worry you too much?


Well, if you find yourself suffering from some or more of these symptoms it is quite probable that you might be suffering from an acute or possibly chronic case of Slinky Syndrome.

Warning: This syndrome is extremely detrimental to your spiritual health. Once this syndrome is detected it is crucial that the proper measures are taken. The sooner, the better.

Some side effects of this syndrome include: lack of true joy, lack of sincere smiles, boredom, bitterness, others finding you unpleasant or unbearable to be with, friends or others not wanting to be with you as much, bitterness, distorted image of your self, inflated pride, inflated self love, lack of humility, tendency to think your better than others, tendency to criticize others when they talk too much about themselves, tendency to think you´re great and always innocent, loss of peace, loss of friends, hair loss (just kidding). And many more.


The best cure for this syndrome is to change the center. Instead of YOU always being the center of your thoughts, action, words, your heart etc.… make Jesus the center. If you make Him the center of your heart, your thoughts, your actions, the center of all your love—it would be life-changing. You would be happy again, at peace, others will find your company pleasant and enjoyable…. So many things could change. This is the good version of the Slinky Syndrome: having Jesus in the center of our hearts, so that no matter how much we´re “stretched out” in our daily lives, our automatic tendency is to always go back to Jesus, to go back to the love of our heart, to constantly be with Him there and find our joy and our strength in Him. For further information consult your doctor (aka your spiritual director).

May Our Mother give us her heart, because the center of her heart, the love of her heart always is her Son! Amen.

hna kelai

My name is Sister Kelai Maria, I am a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother since 2007. I was born in Arizona (USA) but have also lived in Oregon, Alaska, Florida, Spain, and Ireland. I am a convert to the Catholic faith and found my vocation shortly after my conversion. Every day I thank Jesus that I am His and that I am a Servant Sister. All of eternity will not be enough to thank Him for saving me and for how much He has loved and loves me!