"Do whatever he tells you"

I am sure that you all want to build your life on a solid foundation which will enable you to stand up to the trials that will never be lacking – a rock foundation. And you see before you Mary, the Virgin of Nazareth, the humble handmaid of the Lord, who points to her Son, saying: "Do whatever he tells you", that is, listen to Jesus, obey Jesus, his commandments, place your trust in Him. This is the only project for a truly successful and happy life. This is also the one source that gives the deepest meaning to life. -Pope John Paul II, 1988

We are constantly looking for happiness, and many times in the wrong places. We know that drugs, technology, eroticism will just leave us feeling emptier than before. One can reach the point where they feel like they have searched everywhere and yet have not found anything; and it is true all those things are nothing. We have to search in such a way as to find the truth. 

And here it is, the answer given to us by the Blessed Mother, “Do whatever he tells you”. This is the last of the very few statements made by Mary that we can find in the bible; and it contains everything in it. It contains the very heart of happiness – following Christ, trusting Him and the path He has marked for us. 

It is easy to think that the commandments, the imitation of Christ seems to restrict and bind us up, and doesn’t allow us to be free. What a contradiction. He came so that we may have life, and have it in abundance. When we follow Him not only do we get to know Him better, but we know ourselves better, and the purpose and meaning for our lives. We don’t have to search anymore; all we have to do is begin to follow.