Christ, the faithful friend who never lets us down

Dear Friends, spontaneously in your hearts, in the enthusiasm of your young years, you know the answer, and you are saying it through your presence here this evening: Christ alone is the cornerstone on which it is possible to build solidly one’s existence. Only Christ—known, contemplated, and loved—is the faithful friend who never lets us down, who becomes our travelling companion, and whose words warm our hearts (cf. Lk 24:13-35). St.John Paul II, 17th WYD, July 27, 2002

Everything in this life is passing. “Life is passing, and eternity is drawing near,” says St. Therese of Lisieux. That one little phrase holds eternal truths. So how should we build our life and our future, if everything is passing?

Build your life on Christ. He is the only one who will never let us down. Only Christ will fill our hearts completely. A true friend seeks to bring out the best in the other. And while we may know many people who help us do that, only Christ knows the greatest capacities and desires of our hearts. Only when we know, contemplate, and love Him will we be able to reach the holiness for which we are made; and that holiness is truly the best in us. He will walk with us during our joys, struggles, and trials. He will give us the words we need to nourish our souls and to continue on the path to holiness. He will be the true friend that we need.

Make Christ your cornerstone, the foundation of your life, the meaning of all that you do. And from there, build your life without fear. Many things may go on around you, but the foundation will never be shaken.