Learn Married Love

To set out on the path of the married vocation means to learn married love day by day, year by year: love according to soul and body, love that "is patient, is kind, that does not insist on its own way... and does not rejoice at wrong": love that "rejoices in the right", love that "endures all things".(66) It is precisely this love that you young people need if your married future is to "pass the test" of the whole of life. And precisely this test is part of the very essence of the vocation which, through marriage, you intend to include in the plan of your life. Dilecti Amici, Pope John Paul II, 3-30-1985

Revolutionize the world by showing others that love is meant to be forever! That marriage lasts forever, that it is a life giving vocation, that the gift of life is precious.

Marriage is forever! It is meant to last and our hearts have this desire within them. All great things require effort. We must learn this enduring and faithful love minute-by-minute, day-by-day, and year-by-year. The result will be worth it.

Live marriage in the light of a true love; a love that looks for Truth and beauty! Sacrifice yourself for the good of the one that you love, like Christ showed us on the cross.  It is only in this way that we can live marriage as it was meant to be, and “pass the test”.

Learn Married love