Yes, discovering Christ is the greatest adventure of your life.

Yes, discovering Christ is the greatest adventure of your life. But a single encounter with Him is not enough. Each encounter with Him becomes an invitation to seek Him even more, to get to know Him still better through prayer, participation in the Sacraments, meditation on his Word, and through catechesis and the teachings of the Church. This is our most important task, as St Paul had well understood when he wrote: "For me, indeed, to live is Christ." (Phil 1:21)
St. John Paul II, IV World Youth Day in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Have you discovered Christ yet? Maybe you found Him on a retreat, in the Blessed Sacrament during a Holy Hour, or on a pilgrimage. Maybe your discovery of Christ was when you heard the priest say the words of absolution in the confessional after a life of hiding your most embarrassing sins.

If you haven’t discovered Him yet, open your eyes because He is searching for you. Once you have discovered Him, stay with Him and get to know Him better in prayer and through Scripture. Talk to Him. He desires to hear from you.

Know His love for you through the reception of His Body and Blood, His Soul and Divinity. Get to know His infinite Mercy through the sacrament of Confession, where through His power He can forgive any sin and heal the greatest sinner.

Do not be satisfied with a single encounter with Christ, but make every day a new encounter with Him and His love for you and all mankind. Then, live for Him.

 Each encounter with Christ

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