Can Catholics go to parties?

To go to a bar for a drink or to a party is fine, if it does not lead one to sin. Many modern parties and clubs are not good for any catholic. Parties and discos are usually bad for different reasons. There is loud, sensual music and dance, the lyrics of the songs are bad, there is immodesty of dress, the dark sleazy atmosphere and the high consumption of alcohol. All of these factors lead to immorality, scandal, disorder and grave sin. One voluntary places themselves in an close encounter with sin by participating in these type of parties or clubs. 

On the other hand there are parties and family occasions of festivities that do not have an atmosphere of chaos. There are parties where certain types of music and dance entertains people in an innocent healthy enjoyment. There is moderation, modesty and people learn to enjoy the true value of friendships. In this type of atmosphere one does not allow themselves to easily fall into disorder of overindulgence. The important point to remember is that to dance, drink alcohol, enjoy music is acceptable on the only condition that it does not lead me to sin or a situation of temptation. If the party has one or more of the negative factors which I mentioned earlier, just do not go, it's not worth that your soul get dirty by sin and that Our Good Lord is offended by malice. There are a certain number of young people who do not enjoy discos and bad parties, it does not indicate that there is something wrong with them.  It's important to seek new ways of healthy entertainment, that is not contaminated by worldly trends.

-Response given by P. Dominic Feehan, SHM