How can I be holy?

Just like a man who walks in the desert, he needs a continual consumption of water in order to survive. For any person who desires to become holy it is important to be close to the fountain of the spiritual life. There are a number of practical steps that are necessary, they are:

  1. Holy mass if it is possible daily mass
  2. The holy rosary
  3. Frequent confession
  4. Reading of the bible
  5. Spiritual guidance
  6. Abandonment to God´s will
  7. Do penance and offer sacrifices, that can be giving up TV, video games, snacks, sweets, spending less time on cell phone and on the internet etc.

Little by little one can discover the beauty of having an interior life where God inspires the soul towards the path of holiness.

- Response given by Fr. Dominic Feehan, SHM