What things should I talk about with my spiritual director?

1st General Dimension:

- Health
- Studies, work
- Spiritual and mental tone: joy, peace, decay, pot holes, balance
- Temptations that bother me the most
- Most common and abundant faults
- Types of friendships
- Forms of recreation and diversion
- Desire of spiritual advancement

2nd Vertical dimension:

- Love for God
- Theoretical hierarchy and the practice of values: 1st God (Mt. 6:33)
- Purity of intention
- Confession: frequent, examine, repentance, amendment.
- Mass and communion: frequent, participation, living it, fruits.
- Prayers: how much time, when, where, preparation, subjects: way of doing it,  advances, difficulties that arise and how they're overcome, fruit.
- Devotion to the Virgin Mary: Rosary
- Spiritual formation: what I read, how much time do I dedicate, what are the fruits, reading plan
- Examination of conscience: how much time do I dedicate, how do I do it, with what benefits. Personal examination: content and effectiveness.
- Trust in God
- Obedience: spiritual director, family, boss, professors, superiors, traffic laws
- Purity: TV, magazines, fashion, performances, friendships.
- Evangelical poverty: spiritual detachment, affective poverty, material poverty, effective.

3rd Horizontal Direction
- Charity: at home, with friends, visiting the sick, consoling the sorrowful, forgiving, kindness, serving other, helping, time dedicated to helping others (works of mercy).
- Almsgiving: how much and where
- Apostolate: prayers, sacrifices,  courageous testimonies, words, catechesis, personal (or "soul to soul") campaigns
4th Interior Direction

- Completion of duties, punctuality, honesty, order, constancy
- Self-control: character, relations with others, serenity, sweetness, joy, humility, simplicity.
- Acceptance of the crosses: annoyances, sicknesses, loneliness, misunderstandings
- Self-denial (not looking to do my own will, but rather only what God wants, when He wants it, and how).
- Penances prescribed by the Church (fasting and abstinence)
- Voluntary sacrifices: what I do, how are help, what I would like to do

5th Other things:

- Ideas, plans, projects
- Questions, doubts
- Permissions
- Etc. Every person should finish the layout with other, more personal material. 

-Fr. Angel Ma. Rojas, S.J.