Do Catholics adore Mary?

No, as Catholics we only adore God, Three Persons in One God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus responded to Satan’s temptation in the same way: You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve. (Luke 4:8; Deut 6:13) We call Mary the Mother of God because Mary is Jesus’ mother and Jesus is God. That is why we venerate her with a special love and she is elevated by the grace of God above all other creatures.  Therefore, Mary is justly honored by the Church with a special veneration, as she herself said in prophetic words: All generations will call me blessed, because the Almighty has done great things for me. (Luke 1:48-49)

This veneration of Mary, which has always existed in the Church, is entirely different from adoration given to Jesus Christ (as well as to the Father and the Holy Spirit). But the veneration of Mary doesn’t impede the adoration of Jesus Christ, on the contrary, it encourages it. Because when the Mother is honored, the Son is better known, loved, and glorified, and at the same time, his commandments are better fulfilled.

Jesus chose to come to us through Mary; that is why the best way for Christians to reach Jesus is through Mary. “To Jesus, through Mary.”

Answer given by Fr. José Javier Martins de Pasos Miralles, S.H.M.