Is chastity possible, or do you have to be a superhero?

The Christian vocation demands a chaste and pure lifestyle. Through Baptism, we´ve been consecrated to God; therefore, our entire person – body and soul – belongs to Him. Our entire person is destined to give glory to God and to take part in His glory.

Jesus teaches us in the Gospel that the pure of heart will see God. He teaches us to look at our hearts, because it´s from our hearts that theft, impurity, adultery, and so on are born. If a man but looks at a woman lustfully, that man has already committed adultery in his heart, Jesus tells us.

Since the very beginning of the church, Christians had to live purely in a milieu that was anything but pure. When St. Paul founded the Church in Corinth, the port there was famous for its far-extended immorality (prostitution, sexual licentiousness, homosexuality). However, far from dumbing down our faith´s demands, St. Paul reminded the faithful that:
- You no longer belong to yourselves because you are worth the price of Christ's blood
- Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and for that reason, are sacred. Glorify God with your bodies.
- Our bodies are destined to rise again and thus to take part in the Resurrected Christ´s glory for all eternity.

After having said that let me say that I believe it´s important to know that in order to live purely, you have to be close to God. A Christian who has no spiritual life cannot live a pure lifestyle using only his own strength. Jesus Himself told us: without me, you can do nothing. For that reason, it´s vital that we look for strength in God and for His grace, which He gives to us in prayer, through the Sacraments (especially Mass and frequent confession), and love for Our Lady (above all, the rosary).

I also can´t help but add that someone who prays is able to discover how beautiful purity and chastity really are. The more we grow closer to God, the more we love whatever He loves.

Really loving purity and valuing it as something that makes us capable of a love which is greater, higher, then we understand why a married couple should love each other with a pure and chaste love, even in their sexuality. It also helps us to understand the worth of consecrated virginity and celibacy, which allow those consecrated to love everyone with the Heart of Christ.

Response given by Fr. Félix López, SHM