10 Practical Tips For Your Interior Life

1.    Wake up in the morning at a fixed time without being lazy, and have a schedule for your day. Have a firm will to fulfill it with constancy and perseverance. The soul cannot grow in the spiritual life if it starts off every day defeated by laziness.
2.    Time for prayer/adoration every morning. It’s fundamental. “He who has decided (and does it) to have at least half an hour of prayer every morning, no matter what it costs, has already done half the day’s work.” –St Teresa of Avila. A day without prayer is a day of lukewarmness.
3.    Mass, communion, and the liturgy of the hours. These are gold mines for the interior life and should be exploited with ever growing faith and fervor.
4.    Examination of conscience. It will help you keep watch over your heart. Keep watch and pray. Vigilate et orate. This should help our soul be more attentive to what is happening in our interior and more aware of the presence of the Holy Trinity living inside us. It will also help the soul turn to Jesus in every moment, especially in moments of distraction, superficiality, and discouragement.
5.    Short prayers and spiritual communions throughout the day. Even in the midst of our occupations, in our difficulties, falls, temptations, discouragements, or in whatever situation we may find ourselves in, we should learn to direct our gaze and our heart to our Lord.
6.    Reading and studying the Bible, especially the New Testament, every day or various days throughout the week.
7.    15-30 minutes of spiritual reading. The soul needs to be reminded of the supernatural truths that it forgets so easily. It will also help revive in the soul the desire to pray and be better.
8.    Weekly confession. Keeping watch over your heart will help with making a better confession and having a sincere contrition, true sorrow for our sins, and a firm resolution that is each time more loyal and determined.
9.    Spiritual exercises every year. Time of silence and prayer to be with Our Lord, to hear His voice, and to put things in order so we are not moved by disordered affections.
10.    Monthly retreat. One day (or at least half a day) of silence and prayer. Here the soul regains its equilibrium that it gradually loses among so much work and distraction. These retreats are like detoxes for the soul that lives in the midst of a poisoned world. Think of the time of prayer and adoration every day as a daily 1 hour detox, monthly retreat a half day or whole day detox, and then spiritual exercises as a deep clean week long detox.