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Upside down

Upside downFor years, Saint Ignatius only thought about becoming a great knight, making a lot of money, having honors and power, and getting married, until one day his life was totally turned upside down. He was struck in battle by a cannon ball! He survived, but his leg was completely shattered, and he was bed-ridden for quite some time before he recovered. In the house where he was staying, there were only a few books on the lives of different saints and the book entitled “Imitation of Christ.” He started reading them and realized he had to be more like Christ. It also struck him that many of the saints had been very far from God and had led very mediocre lives, but, in spite of that, they converted and radically changed their lives, becoming great friends of God. He thought, “If they were able to do that with God’s help, so can I!” In this way, St. Ignatius discovered a whole new world. He had never considered the possibility of asking God what He had planned for his life. St. Ignatius had only thought about his own plans and had never really imagined that there could be any other option.

Have you let God turn your life upside down? Have you let Him order your life how He wants it? Or are you constantly trying to keep everything balanced your own way?

Do you know that if you let God turn your life upside down He’s actually going to turn everything right-side-up, and even though all the changes might make you a little dizzy, once everything settles, you’ll realize that it’s by far better than how it was before?

Do you not know what God wants of you? Well, neither did Saint Ignatius at first. He did know he had to be more like Christ, and he had a huge desire for perfection and holiness; he wanted to radically follow the Gospel!

Don’t conform to the mentality of this world. Maybe you don’t know what God wants, but you should be ready and willing for whatever it may be! If you let yourself be led by Him, He will lead you where He wants. Two words: docility and generosity.

Afraid? Well, shake off that fear. Let your Lord put everything right-side-up… let Him instill peace in your soul!

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