Why do I have to Make My Bed?

So why should we shower… we’re just going to get dirty again anyways. Why should I clean the house… Why should I brush my teeth… Why should I comb my hair… why should I put the plates away… why should I eat or sleep, I’m just going to get hungry and tired again…

Well, you will get tired and hungry, things will get dirty and out of order again but wasn’t it worthwhile to have them clean, ordered, rested? Don’t you find peace in order? When things are clean, in their spot, when there is order in your life and in your surroundings haven’t you ever noticed how that helps your heart be at rest?

Exterior order helps us to have interior order.

Also, a lot of the time that hesitance to make my bed is just laziness. We don’t want to do it because it means making an effort and taking time to do it. Not wanting to make an effort is a sign of laziness.

It is something so little, it takes so little time, and really, not an extra ordinary amount of effort, but it can be the small first step towards holiness.

There was a guy that started taking his spiritual life more seriously, got a spiritual director, and the first thing he told him was: make your bed every morning then go have 15 minutes of prayer. And that was the start of his journey towards holiness. Along the way you go making more steps and bigger steps, but you will never take those other steps if you don’t take those small first ones.

And remember Jesus’ words, your Model, Teacher, Brother, and love of your soul: “He who is faithful in very little is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest in very little is dishonest also in much.” Luke 16:10