The choleric temperament – “Let’s do things my way.”

A person of choleric temperament easily and strongly reacts to things.  The impression caused also usually lasts for a long time.  This is the kind of temperament that makes for great saints or great sinners.  It is one of the extroverted temperaments.

The good qualities of the choleric temperament include: great energy, extremely active, a sharp intellect, a strong and resolute will, easily able to concentrate, constancy, nobility, and broad-minded.  Choleric persons tend to be more practical and more inclined to work than think.  They can’t stand doing nothing and are always looking for a new project to do.  As soon as they are entrusted with some kind of work or task, they get to work immediately.  This is the kind of temperament that makes for great leaders, especially in the area of government and administration.   
Since those with a choleric temperament are so active, they don’t leave for the future what can be done today, although sometimes they try to do today what they should leave for another occasion.  They are quick to resolve problems or difficulties that arise, although they can get angry easily and become impatient.  However, if they learn to overcome these tendencies, they end up possessing a tenderness and sweetness that is truly admirable.

The main weaknesses of the choleric temperament include: stubbornness, hardness, insensibility, pride, and anger.  They may become violent, arrogant, and cruel if they are opposed, unless they work hard to moderate these inclinations by practicing the Christian virtues.  They may nurture hatred and vengeance in their hearts if they are defeated by others and easily become ambitious, seeking their own glory.  At times, they may show themselves to be insensitive to the feelings of others, lacking delicacy in human relations.  Because they are so active, their eagerness may cause them to disregard others, causing them to appear egotistical.  Their passions are easily moved and can sometimes be so strong that they can overpower others who have more sensitive feelings.  It’s not uncommon that they lose their patience with those who they consider to be less talented, acting cold and indifferent towards them.  If a choleric person chooses the path of evil, there is little to nothing that can stop them from achieving what they set out to do.

If the choleric person succeeds in controlling and guiding their energies, they can prove to be incredible individuals.  If they set out for holiness, they could reach the height of perfection relatively easily.  The most difficult tasks can be readily resolved when left in their hands and they will not give up until they have reached the summit. 
Cultivating humility of heart is key to conquering this temperament, as well as practicing compassion towards the weaker and less intelligent.  They should learn not to humiliate others and be careful not to show off their superiority.  They will need to work hard and fight against making themselves the center in order to show a generous love towards others and treat everyone with meekness and understanding.

The saints who possessed a choleric temperament are numerous, but we shall mention only St. Paul, St. Jerome, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis de Sales.

Persons of a choleric temperament react easily and strongly to things, and the impression lasts for a long time. Theirs is the temperament which produces great saints or great sinners.

Good Qualities:
•    great energy and activity
•    sharp intellect
•    strong and resolute will
•    good powers of concentration
•    constancy, magnanimity, and openness

•    hardness
•    stubbornness
•    insensibility
•    anger
•    pride

What to do:
Try to control and guide your energies
Work on self-mastery, mistrust your first inclination and don't act too quickly
Cultivate humility of heart, be compassionate to the weak, don't humiliate or embarrass others
Learn how to be detached from yourself and show a generous love toward others