The Virginity of Mary

Dear Beginner, 

Have you ever stopped to consider what we believe when we say that Jesus was "born of the Virgin Mary"? We know that Mary remained a virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus. It is the dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. The defense of this truth is the second mission of the Home of the Mother. Maintaining her virginal purity, Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit. As prophesied, this virgin gave birth−in a virginal way. What does this mean?

1. Mary remained a virgin during the birth.

2. The Birth of Jesus was miraculous.

3. Mary did not suffer birth pains.

4. Mary conserved the seal of her corporal virginity.

The Church Fathers say that just as light passes through glass without breaking it, so Our Lord is born of the Virgin Mary without breaking the seal of Her virginity. This may not explain how it is possible, but it gives us an idea of the miracle that it is. The birth of Jesus can really only be compared to the Risen Jesus, as St. Augustine says, "That same power which brought the body of the risen Jesus through closed doors brought the body of the infant forth from the inviolated womb of the Mother."

This is a mystery that can be contemplated only with utmost respect and reverence, seeing how the corporal integrity of Mary is an outward expression of her spiritual virginity−Her complete love and self-donation to God.

Take time to reflect upon the gift that the Lord has given to all of us in His Mother, and ask for the grace to imitate the purity and love of the Ever Virgin Mary.

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Mother Mary, help us be like you!