Good Books for Lent

Good books for Lent

Have you decided to intensify your spiritual life this Lent by reading something uplifting that can bring you closer to Christ? Quite a few people use the 40 days of Lent to pick up a good book that will lead them to a more intimate union with Christ, or that will help them to persevere in the spiritual life.


Ideas for Lent 2016

icecreamLent is coming up, have you thought what you can do for the next 40 days to grow in your love for Christ and have a deeper conversion? Don’t make it just another “Catholic diet-get-in-shape” time of the year.



Lent We all know it is the 40 days before Easter, the dates change every year, and that we are supposed to prepare ourselves with some kind of penance. You know, giving up something that you really like to do, or eat. But why do we celebrate Lent? And why do we say celebrate if it involves doing stuff we don’t like to do?


Why do we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday?

Ask Father: Why do we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday?

Today, we also recognize ourselves as sinners and receive the ashes as a sign of our desire of conversion, of being reconciled with God and to grow in our union with Him. We know that God loves sinners who humbly recognize their sin.

Answer given by Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.