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Now, what to do?

lightKnow that you have been sent to evangelize the world.  It’s not just about freeing yourselves from evil and avoiding scandal.  The purpose of your vocation is much higher than that.  Be a light in the world. 10 things that will make me want to be chaste.


The solution is Chastity

Chastity is the solutionSo what solution, if any, can be given to young people?  If society assumes that all young people are unable to control their own bodies and sexual urges, they are in reality undermining their ability to make well-informed and responsible decisions by reducing them to mere animals.  So, are you going to continue to let yourself be insulted? 


Learn Married Love

Learn married LoveTo set out on the path of the married vocation means to learn married love day by day, year by year: love according to soul and body, love that "is patient, is kind, that does not insist on its own way... and does not rejoice at wrong": love that "rejoices in the right", love that "endures all things".(66)


The truth about contraceptives and condoms

The Truth about ContraceptivesThe truth is in fact alarming.  Let’s be clear: sex without consequence simply does not exist.  Dr. Brian Clowes, co-author of “The Case against Condoms,” poses the important question: “If condoms were so effective at preventing pregnancy and AIDS transmission, why do nations that stress their use continue to experience a rapidly-escalating rate of teen pregnancies and an exploding AIDS epidemic?” 


Re-evaluating our language

Re-evaluating Our LanguageIt’s not difficult to see that our corruptive understanding and view of sexuality stems from what seems to be a deliberate attempt to manipulate the language used to talk about it.  Terms such as “premarital” or “extramarital relations” have replaced the words fornication and adultery.


“I believe in love…”

I believe in loveChastity is just that: believing in love.  Today, so many people have confused ideas about sexuality and it’s really no wonder.  Aren’t we being bombarded with false notions of it 24/7?  You can’t even drive down the highway or go to a McDonalds anymore without some kind of advertisement that includes at least something with sexual connotation.  It’s getting pretty ridiculous.  Why can’t someone go to the grocery store just to buy groceries and not have a gazillion magazines that are half pornographic thrown in their face? 


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