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Education of the Heart

Education of the Heart It sounds charming and innocent, but it is the sweet Sirens’ song that has confused, embittered, and enslaved too many. It has weakened our will and made us incapable of genuine love. And the reality is that it continues to do so. Constantly.


How do I discern religious life?

Ask Father:How do I discern Religious Life?THE ANSWER:
Here are some practical tips for discerning your vocation:
Pray, read the bible, spend time before Jesus, entrust yourself to the Maternal Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary, try to live the religious life while you are still in the world, find a holy spiritual director, and come and see.

Response given by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM


I Could Never Forget You

i will never forget you
What if it doesn't matter to anyone that something happens to me? What if I need help and I don’t have anyone to lend me a hand? When I fall, who’s going to catch me? I need to know that there’s someone there who will always remember me, always look after me.


Mary, Our Mother

Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother If you want to be holy and get to heaven, there is a shortcut: a refuge where we can gain strength, help when we’re tired, consolation when we’re beaten up, health for our sick souls. As St. Louis de Monfort wrote: "she is the safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way of approaching Jesus."


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