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Was Jesus Tolerant?

Should Catholics accept and support something that is an evil for society and for the person living it?

10:00PM 13 July 2018 Hits:51 Letters to a beginner

A Precious Gift

“A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure” (Sirach 6:14).

10:00PM 01 June 2018 Hits:81 Be not afraid

Living and Surviving – Enslavement and F…

We haven’t even begun to live. We’ve limited ourselves to surviving.

10:00PM 11 May 2018 Hits:130 From the Prodigal Son

The Value of Sacrifice

“A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.”

10:00PM 08 May 2018 Hits:72 Be not afraid

Why get a Spiritual Director?

Whatever your state of life, it is good to have someone there to help you to discern what you need to do and how to do it.

10:00PM 04 May 2018 Hits:119 Letters to a beginner

Mary, Model During the Eucharist

How each person participates at Mass is not indifferent. Just remember the Gospel quote that says, “the Almighty has done great things for me”... God has done everything for me, for love of me, and his greatest work is the Paschal Mystery.

10:00PM 24 April 2018 Hits:374 Be not afraid

The Longest Voyage

The longest voyage on this earth happens inside of us: from the mind to the heart.

10:00PM 20 April 2018 Hits:300 From the Prodigal Son

Let Yourself be Guided

The wrong turns in life are not only those that are completely in the opposite direction of God. They can also be very small.

10:00PM 27 March 2018 Hits:228 From the Prodigal Son

Final Stretch of Lent

As we get closer to Holy Week, why don’t you fast from using your phone or Internet after 9pm?

06:42PM 21 March 2018 Hits:683 Letters to a beginner

5th Week of Lent

"In company, guard your tongue. In your family, guard your temper. When alone guard your thoughts." -Matt Talbot

10:00PM 16 March 2018 Hits:244 Letters to a beginner

4th Week of Lent

Here’s a thought to fast from: “What will _______________ think if I ______________?”

10:00PM 09 March 2018 Hits:218 Letters to a beginner

3rd Week of Lent

Well, he bought a fancy suit of armor and headed out to war again, and on the way he met a soldier who didn’t have enough money to buy any armor...

10:00PM 02 March 2018 Hits:107 Letters to a beginner

2nd Week of Lent: Some Ideas

“Bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God” (2 Tm. 1:8b).

10:22PM 23 February 2018 Hits:163 Letters to a beginner

Tips for the 1st Week of Lent

For Lent, here’s something that may help you out to live more intensely each week. Short readings for each of the 3 pillars: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

10:00PM 16 February 2018 Hits:175 Letters to a beginner

Put out into the deep

Many times we only see things with our own point of view and try to get a hold of what we desire by our own means and according to our own measures. “I hope that...,” “I would like such and such a job...,” “I would like a boyfriend that were such and such...”

10:00PM 16 February 2018 Hits:150 Be not afraid


Be good, and you will be chaste...

10:00PM 13 February 2018 Hits:183 From the Prodigal Son


“If you are comfortable with your life, you are doing something wrong.”

10:00PM 02 February 2018 Hits:258 From the Prodigal Son

Go Big, or Go Home!

Have YOU risked anything for God?

10:00PM 26 January 2018 Hits:233 Totally Yours


St. Paul talks about stripping away your “old man” to put on the new, and he’s not talking here about your dad…

04:17PM 05 January 2018 Hits:313 Letters to a beginner

Called to Greatness

“Great things depend on us acting as God demands.”

07:00PM 17 November 2017 Hits:513 Be not afraid

Fashion Secrets

I have discovered the secret to fashion. It is not only the secret of what you need to wear to be in fashion, but it's also the most accurate indicator of what will be in style approximately five years from now.

12:00AM 27 October 2017 Hits:209 Loud and Clear

Take nothing for the journey

Summer brings us the time of the year to take a break, visit family and friends, travel around, and like always, pack our suitcases...

02:50PM 24 October 2017 Hits:996 From the Prodigal Son

Mary, Our gardener

We need, at all times, to be vigilant of the things that can cause detriment to our souls, even if they seem harmless.

11:25AM 17 October 2017 Hits:268 Totally Yours

Whatever you do, do it well

If you really want to do something well, you have to put your whole heart into that one thing, and only that one thing... You have to want to do it and not want to get distracted by anything, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

11:29AM 13 October 2017 Hits:1866 From the Prodigal Son

A danger (Part III)

From working man has always reaped the fruit of wisdom. It’s not a wisdom of theory or something I’ve learned in a book that doesn’t mean anything if I haven’t known how to live it.

08:11AM 03 October 2017 Hits:2096 From the Prodigal Son

How Good Do I Have to Be?

Trying to do the bare minimum to be a good Catholic? You're sliding towards two dark paths: either repressing your sinful desires, all the while hating the fact that you can't be like everyone else, or suffocating your conscience and falling into sin. The true path is in an entirely different direction...

06:00AM 23 September 2017 Hits:476 Loud and Clear

A danger (Part II)

Work also has as fruit several virtues and qualities.

08:51AM 08 September 2017 Hits:2716 From the Prodigal Son

A danger (Part I)

The modern age gives rise to many dangers to our body and, above all, to our soul... Among these dangers, there is one that stands out among the others. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like a danger because it is cunningly hidden behind our comfort: the lack of work.

06:00AM 29 August 2017 Hits:2655 From the Prodigal Son

Three Classes of Men (Part III): The vic…

The victorious are those who seek God with all their will. They have recognized that this is the path to follow.  They want to consecrate themselves to the Lord, and even though sometimes they stumble, they get up and continue on.  Very few men belong to this class.

02:20PM 16 August 2017 Hits:3317 From the Prodigal Son

Three Classes of Men (Part II): Those wh…

Those who resist are– just as their name indicates– the ones who are always one step behind.  They follow their captain, but not completely.  

06:42AM 08 August 2017 Hits:3413 From the Prodigal Son

Three Classes of Men (Part I): The Loser…

The first class is made up of those who give in... they are like soldiers in a battle who don’t follow the orders of their captain, and, because of their disobedience, they are made prisoners.

06:45AM 28 July 2017 Hits:3444 From the Prodigal Son

On conversations (Part II)

Our words are deeply associated with the thoughts and attitudes that permeate our hearts.

04:28PM 07 July 2017 Hits:3449 From the Prodigal Son

On conversations (Part I)

“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45).

11:00PM 23 June 2017 Hits:3527 From the Prodigal Son

Proving the Non-existence of God

Can you prove that God doesn't exist?

11:00PM 09 June 2017 Hits:750 Loud and Clear

On Silence

Today, we live in a busy, fast-paced, restless… and noisy world. That noise not only affects us physically, but most of all it affects us on a spiritual level.

11:00PM 26 May 2017 Hits:4774 From the Prodigal Son

Pins and Needles

Hey! Thanks for giving a hand!

08:22AM 20 May 2017 Hits:473 Totally Yours

How Far is Too Far

How can you know "how far" you can go with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

08:00PM 05 May 2017 Hits:551 Loud and Clear

A Sacrifice! Wait… of what?

“Let us continually offer a sacrifice of praise to God” (Heb. 13: 15).

03:25PM 25 April 2017 Hits:525 Totally Yours

The Passion

I don’t know if you’ve discovered it yet, but something extremely beneficial to the soul is the meditation of the Passion of the Lord...

07:58AM 11 April 2017 Hits:664 Letters to a beginner


God is crazy about us, He will never abandon us. He always encourages us – if we would only listen to Him!

08:00PM 27 March 2017 Hits:709 Totally Yours

A brief overview...

Here’s a brief overview to help you remember all that we’ve learned so far… explained in my own words.

09:38AM 20 March 2017 Hits:448 Letters to a beginner

14th Rule of Discernment

Back to our enemy… He is constantly observing you, watching your every move, listening to all you say...

12:52PM 27 February 2017 Hits:673 Letters to a beginner

13th Rule of Discernment

Since we spoke about evil women the last time, I think it’s only just that we speak about evil men this time.

12:22PM 06 February 2017 Hits:694 Letters to a beginner

12th Rule of Discernment

Fellow women, take no offense at the next rule, but I think that you will understand because you’ve seen it happen in yourself or in others…

09:54AM 16 January 2017 Hits:729 Letters to a beginner

10th and 11th Rule of Discernment

The tenth and eleventh rules are pretty straight forward so I’m going to combine them here. 

09:53AM 19 December 2016 Hits:845 Letters to a beginner


We are quick to discard spiritual things as projections, but we often overlook the depressing and paralyzing influence that fear of projections can have upon us.

12:00AM 26 August 2016 Hits:946 Loud and Clear

9th Rule of Discernment

In the ninth rule, St. Ignatius gives us the 1-2-3 about being in desolation.  Since lists are always helpful, I’m going to go ahead and follow along.  Drum roll please…

05:18PM 03 June 2016 Hits:860 Letters to a beginner

8th Rule of Discernment

Don’t forget what Annie says: the sun will come out tomorrow... well, sooner or later.  Patience requires effort.

09:09PM 11 April 2016 Hits:1033 Letters to a beginner

Vanity of Vanities

Why do the saints always meditate upon death and encourage others to do the same with such insistence and enthusiasm? It seems kind of morbid...

08:56PM 06 April 2016 Hits:1153 Loud and Clear

Know Yourself

Two simple questions that are surprisingly revealing about your identity.

09:22AM 01 March 2016 Hits:1331 Loud and Clear

7th Rule of Discernment

But in this moment, you have to remember that, although God has taken away the joy, fervor, etc., He will give you the grace to push through and not fall into sin.  But you have to show that you’re up for the task.

09:09PM 25 January 2016 Hits:828 Letters to a beginner

Free as a Vulture

There is something enchanting about the graceful soar of vultures. One might even call them beautiful with their enormous wingspan and their never-ending circles. They seem so free...

09:18AM 22 January 2016 Hits:815 Loud and Clear

6th Rule of Discernment

Sometimes it’s like the devil is testing us, to see how far he can go, and if we’ll put up the fight.  If you see that ignoring doesn’t work (seriously, give it a shot), call upon St. Michael to help you set things straight.

03:58PM 12 December 2015 Hits:740 Letters to a beginner

Patchwork Identity

 In each "patch" of the quilt of your life, you may function well and please those who surround you. But is there inner coherence in your identity?

11:11AM 25 October 2015 Hits:3023 Loud and Clear

5th Rule of Discernment

Here, in the fifth rule, St. Ignatius tells what you have to do when the desolation comes. Think about it, should you give in, or fight? That’s it, fight!

03:52PM 19 October 2015 Hits:1038 Letters to a beginner

The World is Dark and Bland

We can see it in the newspapers. We can see it on TV, or even just walking down the street. Depression has never been so widespread. Suicide rates are higher than ever. People are either bored to death (bland) or sick of life (dark). The world is dark and bland.

10:17AM 22 September 2015 Hits:950 Loud and Clear

4th Rule of Discernment

The fourth rule is quite the opposite from the third.  This one talks about spiritual desolation, which is everything contrary to consolation. It is here where the Lord teaches you that “Without me, you can do nothing.”

12:00AM 11 July 2015 Hits:691 Letters to a beginner

5 Reasons I’ll Never Regret

We all have regrets. Yet there are some experiences we have had for which we will never be sorry. One of those events was when I went to Ecuador on a Home of the Mother (HM) Mission Trip as a junior in college. I would like to share five reasons why I will never be sorry that I went on that trip.

05:15PM 30 April 2015 Hits:1112 Loud and Clear

3rd Rule of Discernment

The third rule explains more about consolations, which I wouldn’t be surprised if you have probably already experienced some. The Lord gives consolations a lot in the beginning, to help the soul leave things and give to Him whatever He asks for.  They give us strength and encourage us to commit ourselves more to God. 

12:00AM 24 April 2015 Hits:1185 Letters to a beginner

2nd Rule of Discernment

The Second Rule for Discerning Spirits, according to St. Ignatius of Loyola, is something like this: “In the people who are intensely purging their sins and who, in their service to God, go from good to better, the bad spirit tries to sadden and scare them.  It’s proper of the good spirit to give courage and strength, consolations, tears, inspirations and quiet, easing, and putting away all obstacles, that one may continue in well-doing.”

12:00AM 08 March 2015 Hits:686 Letters to a beginner

1st Rule of Discernment

The First Rule for Discerning Spirits, according to St. Ignatius of Loyola, goes something like this: for the person who goes from mortal sin to mortal sin, the devil usually seduces him with dirty thoughts, to keep him in vice and sin.  The good spirit moves his conscience so that he doesn't fall.

12:00AM 17 February 2015 Hits:898 Letters to a beginner

Anti-feminine Feminists

Why is the classical figure of a man the model every woman must imitate in order to realize herself? Why do women have to be men to fulfill their womanhood?

12:00AM 14 February 2015 Hits:1431 Loud and Clear

Rules for Discernment of Spirits

Just as the devil tempts you and tries to make you sin, the Lord is there to encourage you to keep strong in the faith.  Many times we are moved by our feelings, but they should not be the reason behind our actions.  The Rules of Discerment were written by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 1500s and, as you will see, are still very applicable today.

12:00AM 04 January 2015 Hits:1454 Letters to a beginner

Holy Mass

If you go to Mass, you go knowing what to expect.  It is not a show where the performer is the priest.  It is not something to entertain you—the Liturgy is an end in itself, and includes all the necessary elements. It is a participation in the Sacrifice of Jesus to His Father.  There’s no need to change anything.

12:00AM 03 January 2015 Hits:956 Letters to a beginner

Skydiving and Virtue

The moment to do crazy things, to make decisions without counting the costs, to live according to big ideals, to go skydiving, is when you are young.

12:00AM 30 December 2014 Hits:995 Loud and Clear

Anything but the Whiskey

Bosco Gutiérrez, a Mexican architect and a solid Catholic, was kidnapped for ransom and locked into a tiny cell for 9 months in August of 1990. He was stripped of his clothes and belongings and never saw a human face or heard a human voice, though he did hear the same 30-minute cassette of a radio station played over-and-over again. He had the right to three meals, one book, one bucket of water, and little more.

12:00AM 30 December 2014 Hits:1630 Loud and Clear

A New Year, A New Start

It’s common for people to make resolutions to start off the New Year, you know… a new year, a new start. Try making a commitment to the spiritual life.

12:00AM 24 December 2014 Hits:4128 Letters to a beginner

Truth Complex

Many Catholics suffer from what I would call a truth complex. They are embarrassed to say that the fullness of the Truth is in the Catholic Church. Some symptoms of this complex are...

12:00AM 03 November 2014 Hits:3318 Loud and Clear


These things are no joke because even though they claim to put you in contact with dead relatives or to let you glimpse into your future—really you are calling on the spirits. And that does not mean the angels…

12:00AM 22 October 2014 Hits:709 Loud and Clear

Follow Your Heart

 It sounds charming and innocent. But it is the sweet Sirens’ song that has led too many to death. It has devastated couples; it has broken fiancés; it has destroyed marriages; it has ripped apart families. And it continues to do so. Constantly.

12:00AM 24 April 2014 Hits:39095 Loud and Clear

Babe Ruth's Last Home Run

 When people hear Babe Ruth they think of all the home runs he hit, Yankees, #3 jersey, Bambino, Sultan of Swat. How many people think “child of Mary”? Did you know before he died he had a Miraculous Medal pinned to his pajama coat?

12:00AM 04 April 2014 Hits:30787 Loud and Clear

Another Way Out?

Doesn’t it make sense to take a tragic situation and asks ourselves, “How can we prevent that from happening in the future?  Is there a way to avoid reaching such terrible despair in my own life and in those of the people I love?”

12:00AM 03 March 2014 Hits:8445 Loud and Clear

Why so many rules?

Catholicism seems to be full of rules and prohibitions... And it seems obvious that the “natural” reaction of the modern man is rebellion. “Don’t tell me what to do!”

12:00AM 28 January 2014 Hits:34300 Loud and Clear

Why dress modestly?

Let’s start with the basics: it’s probably not a good idea to go around completely naked. Though this is debated in some circles, I think for most people, it’s pretty much clear.

12:00AM 12 November 2013 Hits:18300 Loud and Clear

When to receive the Eucharist

How do I know if I can receive the Eucharist? Yes, it's true: it is actually a question that you should ask yourself. Unlike in some Protestant churches, in the Catholic Church not everyone can always receive the Eucharist, because we believe that what we see on the altar is much more.

12:00AM 03 November 2013 Hits:29649 Loud and Clear

Are you thinking about yourself, or Jesu…

After receiving the Eucharist, you shouldn’t be thinking about yourself. Thinking about yourself also includes thinking about what you’re going to do later on that day, what you’ve done ...

12:00AM 13 August 2013 Hits:10087 Letters to a beginner

Pleasure and Cowardice

It seems like I’ve heard a million times that you should not seek pleasure. Pleasure in itself is not bad, but you should not live for it; you should not seek it as a goal. Why not?

12:00AM 30 May 2013 Hits:29491 Loud and Clear

Mortification of the eyes

Have you ever heard about mortification of the eyes? It is a fantastic little way to help your soul rise into prayer. I am not talking about not looking at someone with lust, avoiding bad movies or things like that...

12:00AM 17 May 2013 Hits:32637 Letters to a beginner

The Existence of God vs. Invisible Ducks

A friend of mine started a conversation with a few university students and since he was wearing a cross, it turned into a discussion about the existence of God.

12:00AM 16 March 2013 Hits:27882 Loud and Clear

So what if I text all the time?

This goes a lot deeper than just texting. Texting is an incredibly useful means of communication. There are many moments in which it is simply more appropriate to text than to call someone.

12:00AM 03 February 2013 Hits:16742 Loud and Clear

Is it okay to listen to mainstream music…

 I have a question. Why do you think Christians feel the need to say that they don't listen to the words? When people write songs with words, they normally mean to communicate something to their listeners by those words.

12:00AM 12 November 2012 Hits:14582 Loud and Clear

Fighting Mediocrity: One manifestation o…

I met someone once who had been advised to receive the Eucharist less frequently—in order to appreciate It more. The devil will take any chance to prevent a person in the state of grace from receiving the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

12:00AM 03 October 2012 Hits:54214 Letters to a beginner

Still Struggling?

Sure, I shouldn’t unveil what should remain hidden.  I should be careful with my choice of clothing and with the way I act around others, especially those of the opposite sex.  All of this is true, but it’s just the first step.

12:00AM 31 August 2012 Hits:15093 Loud and Clear

Is there anything wrong with dancing?

No, dancing is not bad in itself. In fact, many different people from various cultures have performed their dances for the Pope himself... including break-dancers.

12:00AM 20 August 2012 Hits:12450 Loud and Clear

“You Want to Count to Five Hundred with …

“You want to count to five hundred with me?” your friend asks you.  Agreeing, you grab your string of beads and begin: “One... Two... Three...”

12:00AM 10 May 2012 Hits:18823 Letters to a beginner

Living my faith for real

I never paid much attention to the words perseverance and fidelity until I began concentrating on the spiritual life—living my faith for real. 

12:00AM 30 March 2012 Hits:21041 Letters to a beginner

What's the use of a conscience?

It's quite simple, actually. It's kind of like a tool God uses to talk to you... and He uses it constantly. You have a doubt, and somewhere deep down, if you are ready to listen, you will know the answer.

12:00AM 19 March 2012 Hits:14898 Loud and Clear

Merry Christmas

It seems like they prepare for Christmas way to early, playing Christmas carols after Halloween, and they end it way to soon. God became man to save us from our sins, to be a Light of Hope in the midst of so much darkness- this is a big celebration!

12:00AM 26 December 2011 Hits:40369 Letters to a beginner

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