Christ Wants to Be Loved by You

Through the Incarnation, the Word takes on man's condition, something we are unable to understand because of the depth of God's love and humility.

When He is conceived, Christ assumes our status as men, while still being true God.

But let's focus on Jesus' humanity, which is for us a source of contemplation and imitation.

The exciting thing about understanding that Christ is man is that He has a heart like ours, who wants to be loved by us. By you.

And like yours and mine, this Heart is hurt when it is not loved in returned. And even more, because He loves you much more perfectly.

He does not stop thinking about you as someone in love does, and just like the most harm can be done to you by those closest to you, we, his friends, are capable of puncturing, with the hot needles of our sins, the open wound of his love, hurting Him more than others could.

Christ isn't indifferent about whether you love Him or not. He ardently desires that you correspond to his love!

And He is loved so little! Any important person receives more respect than He does in the Eucharist. Any family member is visited more frequently and treated with more affection. We clean the house for strangers, while for Our Savior we seem oblivious to the disorder within us.

Therefore, He asks us for acts of reparation, acts of love and mortification offered for our sins and those of our brothers to comfort his suffering Heart. He asks to be loved back, to be respected and revered accordingly. He wants to share a heavenly relationship with you... as well as a very human one.