It's True

Sometimes I think that I can’t approach people who do not believe and speak about God. I have the feeling that they wouldn’t understand, as if I couldn’t solve their problems with my words, or worse, as if He had nothing to do with them.

I suppose that this happens to many of us. We firmly believe that for these people, another something else is what counts, and the cause of their pains, sufferings, and joys is something else. But this isn’t true. The truth that is the Truth, is the truth for everyone.

The idea that what we are talking about has nothing to do with these people stops us a lot. However, what we believe applies to everyone, not just those who are baptized.

As I said before, this means that we know the cause of things, and they don’t.

If someone feels bad for committing impure acts, it isn’t just because he hasn’t found the woman of his life, because he doesn’t like his job, or because of parapsychological reasons. Sin is the cause.

If someone feels well in front of a tabernacle, it isn’t because the church is at the right temperature and the architecture favors his comfort. It’s because Jesus is there.

If I never feel satisfied with what I have, even though I always reach my goals, it is not because I still haven’t reached that will make me happy. It is because I have the desire for something more.

If I suffer, it is due to our fall and return to God.

If we can apply this to others, we can surely think more in depth about for ourselves. We can’t continue at half gas. If we eternity is waiting for us, we can’t remain with worldly things. We can’t go to the world’s parties, thinking that they are compatible with faith. We can’t wear indecent clothing even for a short time because it leads us and others to hell. We can’t stop praying. We can’t stop asking. We can’t stop being virtuous. We have to continue following Jesus Christ faithfully. We have to defend our faith and give ourselves completely to it, although people laugh at us, although it is difficult.

This is true: Heaven is waiting for us: Jesus, Mary, the angels and saints.

Everything that we had here will not only seem vain, but also dumb, something that led us off track. We will lament our ignorance, our mediocrity, and our lies. We will lament not have being virtuous, even though it was so easy. We will lament our infidelity.

We will profoundly lament if we don’t do what we have to do now.

Go deep inside yourself. Ask Mary to help you, to give you her spirit, so that you can follow the Truth will your whole heart.