Frustration Doesn’t Exist

When things go wrong, we have to look for the causes for our uneasiness. We always look for external reasons, but the solution is much closer: it’s us. 
We have probably heard these words a thousand times: It’s always our fault.

We can always decide what position to take in the face of the things that happen to us. As Christians, our attitude should always be joy. It is not because we wear a mask, but rather because we have no reason to be sad.

If we really believe in God and in his power, and we know that He is always looking out for us and He loves us so much, how can He permit something that isn’t good for us? 
Everything that happens to us is for our good. What God permits is for our good, in the future and immediately. This means that if something bad happens to us, something good is also happening to us. We just aren’t able to see it because we focus on what we think is bad for us. If you don’t believe me, analyze your life.

That is why we should never be sad. We have to live in a supernatural way, lifting our eyes and seeing things from where God sees them, which is the only point of view where things are real. We have to see things from an eternal perspective.
Here on earth a sacrifice of love hurts and doesn’t make sense, but eternally speaking, it is good for us in that moment and also in eternity.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, He was going to be made a king by the people. They received Him with palms as they would only do for a king. His Passion began that same night. From the highest point, He fell down to the lowest, dying like a worm from the world’s standpoint. Was that a frustration of his kingship? NO. It was the way that He truly gave life.

Frustrations don’t exist; it is God’s Holy Will.

Look at Mary, she who understood this, and learn from her.