Do what you have to do

Sister Clare Crockett knew what was important in this life.

Especially near the end of her life, she gave a lot of importance to fidelity. In a video addressed to one of her former students she said:

"Be true to what you know you have to do deep in your heart.”

What do I have to do?

Fidelity is simple, but hard. Fidelity means doing what you have to do in each moment. It is not about making great leaps, because we are not capable of doing that. You cannot get rid of the defect that you have of getting distracted, disobedience, curiosity, lack of humility, whatever ... from one day to the next, just because you decide to.

But you can get rid of it if you're faithful. Fidelity is the first step to reach holiness.

Fidelity means that, if you have to do something, you do it. You do not do anything else, you do not think about anything else, you do not worry about anything else because what is in front of you at this moment is the most important thing you have to do.
You have to do it with love and fervor, because, at this moment, what you're doing is the best thing you could be doing. And that applies to everything: cutting onions, sleeping, or praying.

The fact that God has given you this at this very moment means something.

Make a schedule and keep it. When you have to wake up, wake up; when you have to study, study; when you have to work, work. But, when you have to eat, eat; when you have to sleep, sleep; when you have to celebrate, celebrate, and do not think about anything else, offer everything to God.

This will help you in everything. You will stop noticing your laziness, those faults of humility will become rarer, that impurity will disappear, all because you are faithful to what you have to do.

Take care of what God gives you and He will take care of all the rest. Fix your problems with fidelity. You will see how the Lord separates all the problems from your path.

I know a guy who was studying architecture and, in addition, he was the director of an apostolic project that demanded all his time. He had to lead meetings, retreats, visit places, drive all night ... And he didn’t have time to do all his homework. However, he says that when he wasn’t able to get something done because of the apostolate, they didn’t ask for it. When he wasn’t able to attend class, it was cancelled. He could see how God arranged everything perfectly.

Saint Luis Gonzaga was asked: "What would you do if you knew that you were going to die now?" And he replied: "Continue with what I'm doing."

Look at Mary, the Ever Faithful. She reached her holiness, her place at Jesus’ side with fidelity.