There was a movie, titled Ouija about a group of friends who speak to the spirits with an Ouija board. Why would anyone want to make a movie out of this?

So what's the big deal? It's just a movie. Well, in reality it can actually be pretty dangerous. It can start as a movie you go to see, then it turns into curiosity, and then maybe you find yourself actually trying it out. Many people can start using "the game," actually an occult item, just for a laugh…but these things are no joke, not cool, and definitely not ‘just for fun’!

Occult practices are any of the teachings or practices through which man supposedly acquires power over his destiny, matter, and surroundings by invoking superhuman (not divine) powers. Other examples besides the Ouija board are astrology, clairvoyance, tarot cards, etc.

These things are no joke because even though they claim to put you in contact with dead relatives or let you glimpse your future—really you are calling on the spirits. And that does not mean the angels. The fact that it is made into a movie can lead people to think "it's just a movie, no big deal," but it actually opens you up to communicating with "spirits" which are ultimately bad spirits...aka the devil.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the exorcist of Rome, explains in his book how these practices of the occult are one of the ways that the devil can begin to possess a person. Don't think that if it's 'just for fun' it's ok, or it will be safe as long as I only do it once, or I don´t even believe in that stuff, or that it is just white magic. Whether or not you believe it, it is true. Opening the doors to evil spirits is never safe or fun.  And there is no such thing as white and black magic—all magic is black because all magic calls upon the spirits.

So do yourself a favor and stay far away from those things. In the Sacraments you will find peace and strength—and you won't have to worry about the evil spirits or what the dead have to say to you or what's gonna happen in the future.

Receive the Eucharist, go to Confession, pray the Rosary, pray for the dead—and don't worry.