So what if I text all the time?

Texting is an incredibly useful means of communication. There are many moments in which it is simply more appropriate to text than to call someone, for example, if the message is a quick question, or if the person you need to reach is overly talkative and you don't have time to talk. Some people prefer to converse through texts versus through the phone. Although the preference of texting over calling for a full conversation seems like a waste of time (given that texting takes so much longer), it is just that: a preference, and there's nothing wrong with it.
However, we all know how frustrating it is when we are trying to have a serious discussion with someone, while they check their phone every 30 seconds and is having a different conversation with someone else. Or maybe we're just hanging out with friends, but one person's fingers are glued to his phone. Even if he's looking at you while he's typing, it's obvious that he's not really a part of the conversation; he makes himself an empty seat. In that sense, when you are constantly texting, you aren't really where you are: you are with the person whom you are texting. So not only are you not really living in reality, but it's honestly pretty rude to the people around you.
After having a conversation with Mother Teresa, people used to comment that they were impressed because they felt that even though she barely knew them, all of her attention and love were focused entirely on them. She had a thousand other things in the back of her mind, but she put them all aside to talk to one person, no matter how unimportant that person may seem. Do you do the same, or do you half-ignore the people around you by texting? Mother Teresa focused all her attention on people she had never met before. Would you even be willing to be the same way towards your own family and friends?
In reality, this goes a lot deeper than just texting. The issue has to do with finding a balance between staying in contact with someone, and being glued to someone. It has to do with questions like, what is love? What is friendship? Is there a connection between love for someone and constant contact with that person? Have you ever considered that maybe constant contact impedes true love, and foments a kind of mix between attachment and obsession?
So think about whether or not the frequency of your texts hinders healthy relationships with the person you text and those around you while you text. Do your parents or siblings tell you to get off your phone? Do you get nervous if you don't have your phone with you for a few minutes? Have your friends ever gotten upset with you for texting while you hang out with them? Those are probably clear signs that you are attached and should limit your time on the phone. It will be good for you. It's worth it.