He was in another dimension; he was the king of the party. A drink in one hand and a fag in the other. It seemed that the music would never stop: noise, people, alcohol... And what else could he want?

He was the best, he was looked up to and he knew it. He had plenty of friends, he had girls interested in him at every corner and the best grades in the class.

Finally he got home; he had a headache. He looked at himself in the mirror and began to laugh, what a night!

He sat down on the edge of his bed and that cursed question came up again: "Who am I?” And he was not able to answer it. He had so many masks on that he didn't even know who he was anymore. He also didn’t even know what he liked because it varied depending on who he was with, he didn't know his style of clothing—only what was in fashion—nor his plans because they were the ones "everybody else had.” In spite of this, he believed he was original, unique; did he want to continue living like that? If not… how else?

The next day he got up like any other day. He was taking a long time to think about his plans for the following weekend. However, that day was different from the others. One question pierced his soul: "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” (Mt 16:26).

Now, years later, he looked in the mirror and for the first time he could answer who he was: a miracle of God. He had not changed; it was God who had changed him. His past life was over and he had a second chance to repair all the damage he had committed. He was no longer thinking about having a good time but about loving.

Young people! It is impossible to marry God to the world, for “he who is not with Me is against Me” (Mt 12:30). We are thirsting for God and we look for Him where He is not: nightclubs, parties, friends, plans, studies, projects, the gym, dreams...

He is waiting for us in Confession and in the Eucharist: “Is it you who are searching for God? It is God who is searching for you.” Let Him do or undo everything in your life.

Although it is true that God is a just God, it is also true that he is merciful. He took upon Himself the just condemnation that our sins deserved and redeemed us. And He gave us to Mary as Mother of Mercy. She who knows our miseries will transform them into delights in the heart of her Son. Don’t let go of her hand! She is our sure highway to Heaven.