Leave it all out there!

Missions in Ecuador 2017. It was hot and the Amazon water covered my ankle. In my hand lice shampoo, and in front of me a little boy waiting for me to clean his injured and infected scalp.

It must have taken only a minute to make THE decision, but it took me forever... An inner struggle was raging in my hardened heart: "Sick! Are you going to touch that with your hands? That's disgusting, I'm sure there are other ways to remove the lice from the child without touching him..." On the other hand, this Voice resounded inside me: "I am this child, are you going to despise me?”

I put the shampoo in the boy’s hand and explained with gestures how to lather it in his hair, all for the sake of not touching him. As the little one looked at me, I could only be crushed by God's humble and merciful gaze.

Later I wrote in my notebook: "I felt disgust, but not disgust for the children, disgust for myself, for being so hard-hearted as to be incapable of doing things out of LOVE!”

Therefore, I invite you to be like Veronica, to wipe the face of our Lord Jesus Christ on the road to Calvary. There will be many situations where God will give you this opportunity: to take care of a sick person, to wash a wound, to defend a pure gaze… As Our Mother says so well: "Do whatever He tells you."

And not because I am the model to tell you it, but because I am a witness of God's Mercy and of how "He makes all things new," if I were to see that child again, I would ask God for the grace to kiss his head over and over again!

It is so important to turn to Mary in these moments of weakness, to snuggle under her mantle and ask her to "crush the devil with her heel" because SHE HAS ALREADY WON!