4th Week of Advent: The Wedding

Dear Beginner,

Have you ever witnessed a woman getting ready for her wedding? The dress, the flowers, the table centerpieces, the amount of water with the floating tea candles, the half a centimeter she needed to lose in order to fit into the dress, the bridesmaids’ eyeshadow to match their shoes, or whatever… I have been freed from witnessing too many wedding preparations, but I can certainly imagine that it is a lot of work.

Do we put that much work into preparing for the Real Wedding— the final one at the end of time? “Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a Church ready for you. The song "Even so Come" is very fitting for the time of year we are in. Taking the idea from the last words of the Bible, in the book of Revelation, it points to the fact that we are waiting for the final coming of the Lord. And not just waiting for it, but longing for it, calling on Him to come. 

Just as we prepare our hearts to receive the Lord this Christmas, He also is preparing His Church as a bride to be spotless and beautiful on the last day when He comes at the end of the world. And with the Church, each and every person with a soul called to a spousal relationship with the Lamb of God. Therefore, we must not be surprised that the Lord is purifying us, or that He’s purifying the Church. Just as a bride prepares herself for the wedding—to the last eyelash—so the Church, prepared by Our Blessed Mother, needs to prepare herself, down to the last member. The Lord knows, and He sends His Mother once and again—through apparitions around the world to the silent recesses of our hearts, to draw us to Him. To prepare us for Him, for heaven, for the day of our judgement, so that we may be found spotless before Him.

As the day draws near, ask Mary to come to your heart also. Ask her to prepare it, to embellish it with her grace and virtues. Live this last week close to her. And the closer you are to Her, the closer you are to Him.

Another beginner, but with really good teachers