This should be your New Year's resolution

Dear Beginner,

Have you made any resolutions yet this year? I'd say that if you haven't, you probably haven't given it much thought and were most likely going to continue on without making any. Well, I'm going to throw this out there, for you to think about and pray about. More pray about rather than think about.

Why not, for a New Year resolution, set aside each day a time of prayer? Yes! So un-exciting sounding and yet so essential! Read on! Don't stop!

Recently I spoke with a girl who said that she fulfilled her HMY commitment each morning by biking to her local church when it opens in the morning and then biking back home before going to school. I was quite impressed. For two reasons: 1. Her commitment. 2. You could tell that she prayed.

Yes, it is something that can be noted. When a person prays, they mature. They start to think and formulate ideas and good questions. They are more at peace with themselves and with others. They begin to notice that the Lord speaks to them even outside of their prayer time. And therefore, they begin to respond to His inspirations. That is huge because that means that they are beginning to be more God-like and act according to the spirit and not according to the flesh. Their actions are motivated by the divine and not so much the corporal. Their words are more thought-out and thought-provoking.

At the same time, they become more simple, not so complicated. They learn to laugh more, and can even laugh at themselves. From their time in prayer, they begin to know God better, and themselves. From there, they have launched a battle against their "old man," that is to say, their old, worldly selves in order to become new in Christ. They can, therefore, comprehend others and practice mercy easier. While becoming more spiritual, they become more humane, more down-to-earth, more themselves, because they are beginning to become the person God created them to be.

Why not start? Fifteen minutes a day. Commit to God and you'll see that He commits Himself to you! If you already pray, make it a point to pray better, centering yourself completely on the Lord in your time of prayer.

No fear,

Another beginner with really good teachers