5 ways you could be missing out on Advent

Dear Beginner,

Advent is going quick, so make sure you aren't missing out! I know you want to take advantage of it, so reading these 5 tips on how to completely miss out might help you set straight your path toward Christmas...

1. Spend all your money and free time Christmas shopping, and when you’re not, use your time thinking about what you’re going to buy for each person, where you’ll get it, etc. Not to mention make up your own list. By doing so, you will spend all of Advent just like the consumerist world, and when the Christmas season comes, rather than experiencing the joy of celebrating His birth, you will be tired and empty… just like every other year.

2. Work overtime to make more money, go to all the Christmas parties and remember that you only live once! All these help with the first pointer: they take your mind off the mystery, could easily put you into temptations to sin and, wearing you out, make you take your eyes off Jesus and Mary. What is your goal? Live in such a way that you achieve it.

3. Don’t read anything related to Advent, don’t meditate on the Mass readings of the day and don’t try to understand what Christ’s coming meant then, and why we are now saying, “Come, Lord Jesus.” Aside from daily Mass, the Bible and many websites with great articles on Advent and the mystery of the Incarnation, there are extra graces that the Lord wants to give during this time. So be attentive about whether or not you prepare yourself to receive them!

4. Don’t go to confession, do any penance, almsgiving or extra prayer. Because if you did, then you would be doing exactly what is asked of you during Advent, and you might just benefit.

5. Don’t speak to your spiritual director about how you can truly prepare your heart for the coming of the Redeemer: in Mass, in prayer, at work and with the people around you. The Lord loves speaking through spiritual directors and gives loads of graces through them. Careful! He might have a special grace waiting for you!

Okay, think carefully about how you are living this Advent—it won’t come again! And of course, if you are reading this, it's because you actually DO want to take advantage of Advent and Christmas, so keep these things in mind! It's so easy to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas, but the Lord and Our Blessed Mother are constantly calling us to a deeper intimacy with them. The Christmas mystery really does go very deep. Find meditations that help you see a new aspect of Christ's birth so that you can learn more. The more you know, more reasons to love!

Another Beginner but with really good teachers