"Mary, give Jesus a tour of my soul."

Dear Beginner, 

The other day after receiving Communion, I had a wonderful inspiration and thought I'd suggest you to do: ask Mary to give Jesus a tour of your soul. In my case, having consecrated myself to her, I know that in her loving care, she knows even better than I do where I am lacking, where I am falling short, and where I need healing. Obviously, Jesus also knows all that, but I think that He likes it when Mother Mary shows Him.

Why not do the same the next time you receive Communion? Trusting that she is pointing things out to the Lord, pray that as He passes through, He might strengthen, supply, infuse and heal all that you need.

Have you consecrated yourself to Mary? What better time than now? Do so, and then ask her to give you a tour of the soul of Jesus.

In the Eucharist,

Another Beginner with really good teachers

Link to HMY morning consecration prayers