New Normal is NOT Normal

Dear Beginner,

Do you remember when you first heard the phrase "social distancing"? At first you were confused about what it could mean, and the next day you were using it naturally in conversation. Remember when you finally got up the nerve to start saying "God bless!" when you left a place and now it has turned into a concerned "Stay safe"?

As these new expressions quickly find their way into our vocabulary and daily precautions become habits on the street, may we not be so quick to adapt to new habits in the church. Sure, keep your distance and sanitize the pews, but don't allow the Sacred Liturgy to become a victim of Covid-19.

Walking into a church and mistaking it for a construction zone is not normal. Hand sanitizer dispensers in the place of holy water fonts is not normal. Wearing gloves to receive the Eucharist is not normal, but rather an insult to God. Distributing the Body of Christ with latex gloves and a tweezers? Would you treat a person like that? This is not normal.

Today, in order to be able to receive communion as I usually do (on the tongue), I had wait until Mass ended and then go to the sacristy where I was given the Eucharist... after everyone had left the church. At the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote about my experience of receiving the Lord's Body in my hands for the first time in over ten years--now don't get me wrong: I'd rather receive on the hand than not receive. However, now that things are easing up a bit, I prefer to go back to receiving on my knees and on the tongue. Why? Out of utmost reverence and respect for the Holy of Holies, also as a "safety precaution" (just to throw out one of those expressions) so that Jesus, hidden in small particles, doesn't fall and get stepped on by those He loves.

So while recognizing that there are three different ways of receiving the Divine Healer, I prefer to go with the one that the Church has practiced non-stop for 2000 years. Now what happened today was not normal, and though done with no hard feelings on either side, should not be the "new normal" either.

Don't be so ready to accept everything that you hear, and when it comes to the Liturgy, do some investigating before just throwing away rich traditions that give God the worship He deserves. Here's an incredibly practical and eye-opening document for you to read: Redemptionis Sacramentum. And while you're at it, why not get a holy water font to use at home?

Stay faithful,

Another beginner, but with really good teachers