Fr. Henry: Always attentive to God's action in his life

Dear Beginner,

"What do you think the Lord is trying to say with this?" A typical phrase coming from the mouth of Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, the first Servant Priest of the Home of the Mother to pass into eternal life.

I didn't know him too well, but enough to be impressed by his supernatural way of seeing things. Seeing how this humble priest spoke about Jesus and Mary made you want to grow in your own relationship with them. As his superior, Fr. Matthew Nobrega, said in a homily about him, Fr. Henry was incapable of talking about anything aside from God. What he carried within him couldn't but come out to the surface.

Being in Spain, and in a Spanish community, he always spoke in Spanish, a language that he never managed to dominate. His verbs would be badly conjugated, and in the middle of a homily, he might suddenly throw out a word in English, asking how to say it in Spanish. And yet, his words spoke straight to your heart, rekindled a weak flame and encouraged you to keep on fighting, that it was worth it in the end, because heaven is worth it. Hearing him talk, you would get excited about heaven as well, and begin to see that your worries really are nothing compared to what the Lord has prepared for you, that God desires to come into your heart and we must have that same longing for Him as well.

Fr. Henry undderstood that the supernatural life was just as realif not more as the natural life. He was always attentive to what the Lord and Our Blessed Mother were doing in his life. He understood that God wanted to be not just a part of his life but guide it, and Fr. Henry gave the Holy Spirit full control.

As time goes on, no doubt there will be countless testimonies of this Servant Priest, and I encourage you to find his homilies and listen to them, and ask for the grace to live with heaven in your heart, just like Fr. Henry did.

Another beginner, who has a good teacher in Fr. Henry


You can see videos and podcasts of Fr. Henry on the Home of the Mother website. See for yourself how he stirs hearts to a deeper love for the Lord!