Holy Week... at Home

Dear Beginner,

How's lock down coming along? Have you managed to find the good in all this time at home yet? Try to see it as a break that the Lord has given you-- truly a break in your life-- to really evaluate how things are going in your life. What is your purpose of living? How are you getting on without an active social life? How well do you know your family members? How patient are you really? How do you spend your free time? What importance do you give to God? And... how do you manage being with yourself?

I know someone who was so afraid that God would speak to him and reveal the plans He had for him, that he constantly watched Netflix and always had the next video set so there would be no room for silence. God speaks in the silence. If you haven't realized that yet, find out now. And if you already have found out and therefore program your itunes to play non-stop for the next 1,296 hours, do something brave for a change and listen to Him.

Well that's not what I was thinking of writing about. It is, however, very apt for the week we are celebrating now. I wouldn't call it so much "make a sacrifice" as "just show respect" during the Easter Triduum to refrain from your social media or vain browsing, videos, etc. There are so many things being offered online to help you live in union with the Lord this Holy Week. Take advantage. During the entire year you are being bombarded with insignificant and pointless entertainment. You may be very conscious to make sure to get a good laugh in, but how attentive are you to your soul? THIS IS THE TIME. Who knows if you will have another Holy Week. Delve into the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord. He's given you this time, you have no excuse. You are already on a retreat--now make it seem like one.

The Lord is waiting to pour upon you grace upon grace. Don't let them go to waste.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.