Holy Week approaches: Look at the Cross

Dear Beginner,

Have you ever written a letter of condolence to someone? You write something, then cross it out and start over... thinking and re-thinking what to say... I feel like these "letters" are going to become something like that during the times that we are experiencing. It is not something that anyone enjoys talking about, but at the same time, it seems to be the dominating topic of conversation. Usually in times like these, you want to be with the people you love, or go visit the Blessed Sacrament, or at least go outside. In some countries they are in forced isolation, in others they are in voluntary isolation, and it doesn't seem like it's going to end soon.

These past few days, during my prayer, and after reading Bea's article, I feel like the Lord just tells me,"Look at the Cross." For many things that don't make sense, there are no words to say that will "make everything better, how it was before." Surely things will not be how they were before, and it is something that, along with many other things, we must accept. And yet, look at the Cross. Tell your sorrows to Jesus and tell them to Mary at His Side.

Incomprehensible suffering can only be matched with incomprehensible love. And both of those elements are demonstrated in the cross.

In these next few days, "Look at the Cross." It may not help you understand, but it will make you penetrate more in the love He has for us. And never forget that after the cross came the resurrection.

Another beginner, but with really good teachers