2nd Week of Lent: Coronavirus and Communion

Dear Beginner,

As we begin the second week of Lent, and the coronavirus is more and more present, I've been thinking about the effect it is having in the world and on the Church. So, I've decided to share two reflections about the coronavirus and the Eucharist:

I have the habit of receiving communion on my knees and in the mouth, in a way to show the most reverence to our Hidden God. Because of the coronavirus, in many places the Catholics were asked to seriously consider receiving on the hand. So, yesterday I received Communion in my hand for the first time in many years. After consuming the Host, I immediately looked at my hand and saw one big particle, and later two or three more. That is to say, right away I saw that the Heart of Jesus was at the top of my palm and then in two or three other places. Obviously I consumed the particles in a reverent way inmediately as I returned to my pew to give thanks. This made me think about how often Jesus, hidden in these particles, must fall to the ground, or is even "cleaned off" after being given to someone in the hand in communion.

We can learn a good lesson from this: If you receive the Eucharist in the hand, make sure that you be very careful to consume everything, because all of Jesus is completely there, in even the smallest particle. Maybe it's easier to understand if you imagine little pieces of gold, and the care that would be taken not to lose even a speck. Well here we have the priceless Jewel, and each particle has an infinite value. It's God.

During this time, frequent washing of the hands is strongly advised. On a practical note in relation to the Eucharist, make sure that your hands are clean when you receive the King of Kings on them. Imagine if you were to shake hands with the president, or the Pope—you'd make sure they were more than presentable—well here it's their Creator Who is putting His whole Self in your hands. It's not just to give you his hand, but to place Himself there. What humility! God, being so great, exposes Himself to so much out of love for us. The least we could do is receive Him with the most reverence possible as a way of welcoming this Divine Guest who wants to be with us. But another note, and more important one: make sure that your soul is clean for the King of Kings to enter in to make it His dwelling place, washed clean of sin through the sacrament of confession.

Have you learned anything during this time of the coronavirus?