The Valentine's Day that Changed my Life

Dear Beginner,

It was on the eve of Valentine's Day, many years ago, when I did a very cheesy thing that marked my life forever. The following day, my best friend was going to Spain to become a nun, so the day before we had a long conversation over the phone that brought me to make some big decisions.

Seeing what she was doing, I confided in her that I had felt an inclination toward religious life before and that it was returning, despite my intents to repress it. She said to me, "Look Michelle, you're already a junior in college, it's about time you start thinking about what you're going to do with your life. And if you think that the Lord is calling you, the least you can do is give Him time to make it clear to you."

That night, I "made it official" and began to seriously discern religious life, that is, to live in a way that the Lord could reveal what He wanted of me. I did this unwillingly... but using my will to do so.

And I say "using my will" because my feelings were not there. However, what I had experienced in prayer had shown me that the Lord was calling me to religious life, and so, whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not was subordinate to whether I did acknowledge it or not. Does that make sense? In my case, the "wanting" a religious vocation didn't come until later. And yet, the Lord made it clear to me in other ways that He was calling me.

Do you think He could be doing that with you? Have you ever stopped to ask Him what He wants for you? From you? Stop and ask. And not just for a second. Make a commitment to seriously ask Him, and in prayer, what He wants from you. Take it seriously, knowing that what He wants is going to make you most happy, and it's the easiest way for you to get to heaven and bring the most amount of souls with you.

In my case, my friend's arguement was convincing enough. Maybe you're reading this and thinking, "well I'm a lot older than that, and look at me!" Okay, so, it's about time. Leave your plans aside and ask God what His are.