A Meditation before the Nativity Scene

Dear Beginner,

Merry Christmas! Among all the things you are doing this Christmas season, make sure you spend time in prayer to remember the reason for the season. Light a candle in front of the Nativity scene to remember how Jesus brought light to the world. And while you're there, here are some things that you can think about...

Look at the different figurines that are in the stable. Each one is placed in such a way that they are looking at the Baby Jesus. Ask the Lord to give you the grace to do the same thing. May your whole life be centered on the Lord. May Jesus be the center of all you do, and may your gaze always be on Him.

Take a moment to look at each person individually. Look at the shepherds, how they, being poor humble members of society, were the first ones called to adore the God-made-man. And they were even called by an angel! For God, wealth and prestige don't mean anything. He calls who He wants for different missions He has in mind.

If you have the three wise men in the stable already, notice how they bring presents for the Lord—each one with its symbol, recognizing the newborn baby as God(frankincense), mortal man (myrrh), and king(gold). They endured a long and hard journey to come and adore the the Messiah. Take a moment to think about what you do in order to worship Him... and make a resolution to put their example to practice in a specific way.
Adore Him as a baby: weak, innocent, trusting, completely dependent on others. How can someone reject a baby? Lord, come into our hearts this Christmas and help us to receive you as the Love that you are.

Take your time meditating on each character. God wanted each one of them there for a reason. Which do you most compare to? What can you learn from each one?

Now look at Joseph, so eager to protect his Son, but probably nervous as well. And yet he finds comfort in Mary and in Jesus. He, a humble man, probably has one eye on Jesus and the other on Mary to learn from her.

Mary has a lot to teach us. She doesn't hoard Jesus for herself. She shares Him with the rest, strangers to her family. And yet, recognizing the work of God, she invites them into the mystery, she invites them to adore—and probably to hold!—her Son. She wants Jesus to be born in the hearts of each person there, and each person now this Christmas. Pray for those people that Mary wishes to draw close to her Son. Ask her to teach you how to pray and adore the Emmanuel.

Having learned from the rest, look at God in the manger. Listen to His Heart beating. Thank Him, adore Him, worship Him. Let Him be born into your heart, and don't let Him leave.

Merry Christmas!