1st Sunday of Advent: Wake up!

Dear Beginner, 

Wake up! That phrase is the name of a program we have on HM Television about the Persecuted Christians, and it is also a theme for this week's Sunday readings. If You wouldn't have to wake up if you weren't sleeping, right? So, are you sleeping?

Surely in some way we are all sleeping, and the Word of God is nudging us to awake. In what way are you sleeping? In what things may have you fallen back on, gotten lazy with? What resolutions had you made that you forgot about? Wake up to the reality that GOD, who is completely infinite and powerful chose to become a human being, with all the limitations (except sin) that entails. Wake up and try to understand that this God-made-man wants to have a relationship with you.

"Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!" (Isaiah 2:5). Isn't everything better walking in the light of the Lord, that is, with your face toward Him, unashamed, cleansed of your sin? As religious sisters, it is not uncommon that we'll come across people who won't look at us in the eyes, or before saying anything to them, they seem to try and defend themselves, or excuse themselves. From what? Approaching the Birth of the Lord, prepare your soul with a good confession. Ask the Lord for His light to see where things are obstructing your path and take them away so that you can walk in the light of the Lord.

As we begin Advent, come up with a resolution that has to do with your relationship with God and one that has to do with others. Find some meditations that help you live Advent closer to the Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Pray with the Mass readings in front of you. Place yourself there with Mary and Joseph as they prepare for the birth of their Son, and ask for the grace to be ready when the Son of Man comes.

Come, Lord Jesus!