What are you doing this Halloween?

Dear Beginner,

I’ve had it on my mind for a while to write about Halloween, but I just can’t bring myself to it. Here in Ireland they are trying to make the country the Halloween capital of the world, being as the ancient Samhain—later turned Halloween—began here. I could go in to the history of Halloween and All Saints Day, All Souls Day, the devil, etc. but it’s just not coming to me. You can find all that information in many other places.

I just want to encourage you to think well about how you’ll be spending the night of the 31st. There are many initiatives taking place, like Nightfever, adoration or events for reparation that evening. Why? Because there are also many initiatives on the other side, as you can imagine. It has become a night that glorifies evil, and each person who participates does so in his own way. Not just parties and trick or treating, but there are also many satanic rituals and practices that take place.

How would Jesus celebrate Halloween? How do they celebrate in Heaven? Being the eve of all Saints Day, they would probably be celebrating the feast of everyone there. So where does the devil fit in? He doesn’t, because he’s not there. As a Christian, celebrate Halloween as what it is, and remember what it’s become. For the amount of deep, serious offenses against the Lord, repair. For the amount of satanic worship, repair. And in your reparation, do so with a joyful heart, which resembles the saints more than the sinners.

United in reparation.