Console Our Lady in the Passion

Dear Beginner,

Now that we are in the midst of Holy Week, just wanted to write a quick note to encourage you to live it close to the Lord and His Blessed Mother.

How? Turn off your mobile, the television, etc. Open your Bible, a prayer book, go in front of a crucifix, an image of our Sorrowful Mother, go to the Church services. Accompany them, be with them. I remember when I was 15 and my mom passed away, I wanted to be with my friends or family, without expecting them to say anything. Just the presence of someone you love and who loves you is enough consolation. At those moments, words aren’t necessary. Just be.

I’m going to leave you with something written by Catalina, one of the girls who died in the 2016 earthquake with Sr. Clare. Catalina went through a period of her life very far from God, and when she converted, worked quickly to remove any obstacles to the Lord’s work in her life.

In 2015 she attended the Holy Week Encounter run by the Home of the Mother in Ecuador. These encounters are for families, young people, children, adults… people of all ages who want to live Holy Week more intensely and in a faith community. Catalina had a huge devotion to Our Blessed Mother and was actively trying to purify herself to be more pleasing to the Ever Virgen. This is a note she wrote to her friend, showing the intimate relationship she had with Mary:

What a Holy Week, huh?!!! If only we could always be near Him and with Him. With Her too. On the altar in the chapel of Playa Prieta, this was written: “I searched for consolers but found no one.” And I asked myself if we were or are His consolation. I didn’t know in that moment. Yesterday, on Saturday, the day of our Lady, during the rosary I looked at Our Lady of Sorrows, at Her Heart. And She said to me: “You are My consolation. You.”

As Holy Week comes to it’s summit, let’s try to live in a way that can console Our Sorrowful Mother, with our eyes placed on her and her Son.

In Her Heart.