4 Tips for a "Not Just Another Advent"

Dear Beginner,

First off, Happy New Year! That is, liturgical new year. We are now entering into the first part of the liturgical year: where the Church has us meditate on the coming of Jesus. Here I thought I’d give you a few ideas to make this one be Not Just Another Advent.

1.) Pray each day with the day’s Mass readings. There are tons of meditations that you can find for Advent that break down the readings and make it applicable to you.

2.) See Mass as an Advent that prepares you to receive the Lord in Communion. This can be extended throughout the day as well, but truly try to experience a thirst and longing for the Lord’s presence.

3.) Whatever resolution you might have made for Advent, LIVE IT! Don’t be so soft on yourself. Why not make the extra effort? It’s for the Lord.

4.) Contemplate Our Lady and try to imitate her virtues. Imagine how she is preparing for the coming of her Son. How did she treat St. Joseph? Do the same in your home and surroundings.

Now you’ve read some nice ideas— get to work!
Come, Lord Jesus!