Final Stretch of Lent

Dear Beginner,

We're nearing the end-- this is where it counts, everything you did up to now was training you for this moment. As we enter into Holy Week, prepare yourself to live it close to Jesus and Mary.


Take time to be with Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows. If you’ve ever witnessed someone close to you suffer, and almost literally feel your heart crush inside of you, you know how it is to wish to be in their place. Mary accepted everything that she went through, and therefore everything that Jesus went through. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard, but She had learned already to say her Fiat, her Yes. And here she gave it once more. Look at Jesus through her eyes, and look at her through the eyes of Jesus. With respect, in silence. Repeat this phrase, “Let me share with you this pain.”


As we get closer to Holy Week, why don’t you fast from using your phone or Internet after 9pm? With your extra time, spend more time in prayer, with others, on your studies, and get some sleep!


Pierre Giorgio Frassati, young Italian who died at age 24, was known for his love of the poor. He was from a rich, well known family himself, but didn’t let that get to his head. His dad didn’t approve of Giorgio’s generosity, so many of his acts of mercy were done in secret. One time a poor mother and son came to the door asking for a pair of shoes. Knowing his father was about to arrive home and not having time to go look for any, Giorgio took off his own shoes and gave them to the child. Other times he would exchange his first class train tickets for third class, and give the money leftover to the poor. When a friend asked him why he sat in third class when he could easily afford to be in first, he replied, “Because there is no fourth class.”

Giorgio, able to have whatever he wanted, was completely detached to his possessions, that he didn’t think twice about giving them away to help another. Do an examination of conscience about what your true treasure is. Is it a material thing, or a trait you may have? Your reputation? Would you be willing to give it up? Should you?

In Christ,

Another beginner, but with really good teachers