2nd Rule of Discernment

Dear Beginner,

I already talked a little bit about the second rule when I spoke about the first, as you will see.  It says: “In the people who are intensely purging their sins and who, in their service to God, go from good to better, the bad spirit tries to sadden and scare them.  It’s proper of the good spirit to give courage and strength, consolations, tears, inspirations and quiet, easing, and putting away all obstacles, that one may continue in well-doing.”

It is very important to see both sides and recognize that you are in a battle.  Each soul is worth a lot, and when the devil sees that he’s losing one that he had trapped in sin, he gets nervous.  He wants the soul back, but God’s desire for that soul is even stronger.

The devil is scared, so he pulls out the whole feelings and imagination trick again to persuade you.  ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS! You should never trust your feelings, as they are fleeting and changing constantly.  Intuitions are one thing, but feelings are another, and they are very unreliable.  

One of his tactics is to discourage you by using an attachment that you might have. If you still are worried about what people think about you, he’ll enter there, trying to convince you that no one likes you this way, that you’re not going to have any friends, etc.  The bad spirit comes up with a whole bunch of reasons to give up now; he lies and makes you think that you’re going to be lonely and sad, and that it really isn’t worth all the trouble, you were much better off before, right? WRONG!  Prepare your counterattack, which is to IGNORE and right away think about all the good things that push you along (and there is the good spirit to help you). You’re living in grace, you’re giving glory to God, you have an inner peace that you didn’t have before, other people have the opportunity to know God through you, etc.  Sometimes the bad spirit comes really strongly, but know that God is right there, giving you the strength to stand tough.

As always, the good spirit encourages you.  He gives you consolations, that make you want to do anything for God, and that’s good. Maybe it is an intense joy, or an experience of the immense love that God has for you…  The good spirit makes you see that what is bothering you so much isn’t a big deal, and shows you the way out.  Maybe you’ll hear a quote from a saint, or a passage in the Bible that helps you, a word in the homily, or from a spiritual guide or friend, etc.  God uses whatever He wants to be able to speak to us, and when He sees that we need it, He is there.  He Knows Best.

Keep on keeping on,
Another Beginner, with really good teachers    

Either fight or die

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